Self Care for Self Quarantine (15 Things You Can Do While You’re Doing Your Part To Fight COVID 19)

Distancing from noise
Put on cozy playlist

Take a online class(The Great Courses Plus)
Clean and organize
Exercise at home
Practice a hobby
Learn a language(Exp:French,Hindi)
Watch feel good tv
Cook at home(Try some new recipes and you can download Tasty for more)
Take a relaxing bath(Use some bathbombs and smell good)
Indulge in skincare
Follow your heart

The Ultimate Guide:Best Ways of Coping with Stress

1.Identity unhealthy coping mechanism

-Social Withdrawal


-Over eating sweet and fatty foods

-Mindlessly watching TV without caring what you watch

-Using medication to relax


-Drinking too much of alcohol

-Taking out stress on others (exp:in arguments or furious out bursts)

2.Be physically active

-Dance to your favourite song

-Walk to the store instead of driving

-Walk your dog

-Take the stairs every time there is an option

3.Build and maintain relationships

-Ask a colleague to lunch

-Call, text or email your old friend to catch up

-Invite your exercise buddy to walk and chat

-Get to know new people by signing up for an evening class or joining a club

-Consider volunteer work, which not only contracts loneliness but also allows you to give back to the world in that’s profoundly satisfying

4.Change your attitude

-Think positive things and say positive things

-Stop overthinking every single thing

-Set worry periods~only low yourself to stress out for short period of time a day instead of the whole day long

-Deliberately refrained life’s challenges – ask yourself what opportunities they might present

-Make your gratitude list

-Engage in active problem-solving

-Put your problems into perspective -will you care about the present difficulty in a month or a year?

-Avoid perfectionism,Set yourself realistic, practical goals.

5.Develop a stress relief toolkit

-Walk in naturally beautiful setting

-Read some good book

-Listen to some aesthetic songs


-Book yourself a massage

-Watch comedy

-Keep a journal

-Drink a cup of tea

-Have a good and hot shower

-Wear something comfortable (Hoodies and sweatpants)

-Watch sunset



-Tidy your space

That’s all for now. Hope you get something useful from this